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Asking Questions

Recently I was thinking for the first time about questions which answers will change over time and space.

For example: "Is it okay to take an apple from any tree?."

Not considering location and time I would now answer that question with something like: "Basically yes, if the tree finds itself in a public area. However, if the tree happens to be in a private area, you most likely won't be allowed to take the fruits from the tree, but it depends on the owner." - It's a lot of bla bla and that answer might only apply to western countries in this century. For Adam and Eve, for example it was a no-go.

The problem is that there are different rules in each country and espcially capitalism in this times has got some influence as well. So we have to ask the same question again and again and there are a lot of ifs included.

Of course, I think that it is important to ask such questions because they affect our daily life but in total they are not really contributing anything to our development.

I don't really like asking those questions because they keep me from picking that damn apple.

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Dec 09