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we create

When I look at the lamp hanging from the ceiling of my room, it reminds me so much of the sun. This might not be a coincidence.

We humans are blessed and cursed with the ability to think about what we see and create new things based on what we experience. Cursed, because we suffer from not knowing the ultimate reason behind (if there even is one) but blessed because we have the ability to understand.

I believe that this happened in the beginning of our kind. We discovered something we call fire now and we tried to control and recreate it.

And then based on what we created, we create new things. The fire turned into torches, the torches into candles, the candles into lamps etc...

We are building on what we build and we don't stop and at the same time, the older stuff does not simply disappear. It stays, either physically or as concepts and we use it.

And that's why I think, at least for us humans, we discover so many similarities of our culture and the nature. We arose from nature.

And all this is getting more and more complex. It can get crazy when you discover that you can use potatoes not as a simple dish but you can turn it into mashed potatoes, fries or make tortilla and so on...

Then you take, for example, the fries and add them to another dish. This dish could be part of a whole menu and then you use all of it to open a restaurant, suddenly money comes into the game and it could be going on and on.

Of course, many cannot go on or simply don't want to but the possibilities are there and that's why big chains exist. They built on such simples things.

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Dec 03