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Reflexion in itself

What's going on in our mind is a reflexion of our life/universe. I have no doubt on that, since everything we think about is based on what was, is or could be.

Imagine the universe as a circle. And in that circle, there is you. Your mind represents another universe, which is another circle, similar to the big one, yet not the exact copy. Of course, there's not only your circle, but the circles of everybody. But let's stay focused on yours.

I was questioning again, what happens with your mind, after you die. And there's another theory, that you'll dream eternally. The movie Waking Life also deals with this topic and definitely gave me a lot to think about.

You dream another universe! And what if... you are going to be reborn in that universe, which is a reflexion of the old universe - similar, yet different? Then, you'd live this life until you die the next time and then it happens again, you dream another universe! In which you are going to be reborn, similar, yet different.

And this would happen to everybody in this world. Each death is creating a new universe, in a universe, in a universe. An eternal fractal of universes.

This could be the premise to create every possible universe. You would be able to live every single life in this universe, you would be witness of a world ending (it would not even be bad, if a universe cease to exist, since there are infinite other universes that will give birth to even more universes.)

Imagine, you are the dreamer of this universe right now, which is part of you. I am part of your dream. You are god! But at the same time, right now, you live a normal life and maybe you believe in a deity, that created this world. I find that very funny, if this was true.

It's a cosmic joke.



A little side note:

Those thoughts cannot be proven true, and this is not even the point. I simply love thinking about such things, possible or not. It's metaphysics. You start from a point and take a journey through the universe(s).

Of course, I hope for some thoughts to be true. It makes me enjoy life a bit more.

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Nov 23