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The Universe

Eternity, infinity - the absolute...

This is the universe to me. It's simply everything that exists, existed and is going to exist... and we are part of it. I consider the universe equal to god. My god is the universe. And it makes sense on its own. I am Pantheist and this is just my interpretation of god. I am not intending to discredit other gods.

I see many parallels, like god is omnipresent and almighty - so is our world. Everything that happens is part of the universe, however there might not be any intention behind. I believe god's will is the will of the individual or simply causality (and there is often no will at all). Christians believe, that god created us on his own image - we are part of god, so at the same time, of course, we represent his image. On the other hand, we might have created god on our own image.

But the universe got many faces, every single consciousness got a different view on it - their own reality. That's why I completely tolerate other opinions (as long they are not forcing others to believe in it). The universe is changing all the time, life gets created and destroyed, everything is moving and changing - yet the whole is static. Try to imagine that everything happens at the same time - in fact, there is no time - only simultaneity.

We are part of the universe and we are perceiving reality. That means that we are the universe experiencing itself. This statement is not new and many thought this before. Alan Watts once said: "Through our eyes, the universe is perceiving itself. Through our ears, the universe is listening to its cosmic harmonies. We are the witnesses through which the universe becomes conscious of its glory, of its magnificence."

There were some moments when I really could feel the universe pulsating in and around me. It's simply amazing. Writing about it gives me this feeling again. I really enjoy and love being part of it. I believe that we all are divine. We got our own universes in our heads (or an image of the universe based on our experiences). We create and we destroy and what we imagine and dream is real as well, because it affects us in this life.

In the end, the universe just is. And we simply happen to exist in it. I try to experience as much as I can and enjoy it at its fullest. Maybe over and over again.

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Nov 21