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How we think

I recently wondered about the ways of thinking. I cannot say for sure but I believe you can think in words, forms or a mix of both. I would like to know if there are other ways.

So I observed my way of thinking and I realised that I mostly use forms and give them a meaning.

For instance: A cubes becomes a certain personality and there is another personality, that is a hole shaped as a square. And if those two personalities meet, they fit together. This would be the ideal situation but it isn't always like this. The hole might be a triangle and the cube only fits with one corner. And from this base I go more and more into detail.

Like, what happens with two shapes that fit well together and stay like this? People become friends and they bond. I visualise the concept of bonding as roots. The shapes grow roots in each other. They get more and more connected.

And sometimes, if two people really like each other but one has to leave (maybe this person broke up with the other) it hurts. This pain would be the result of the violent separation of those two shapes. It's like a tree getting separated from the ground. Some soil sticks to the roots and some roots stay in the ground.

To me, it really helps understanding things. I love thinking of metaphors simple or complex. This is my way of thinking. What is yours?

I would appreciate it, if you tell me in the comments. :)

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Dec 04