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Yesterday, I was working together with my girlfriend to clean up our table. She was giving me the ashtray and I emptied it in the bin. Suddenly it hit me: I realised that I became an extension of her body and vice versa. And it is not only happening in a relationship but also on a friendship, a household, a company, a country and in the whole world.

Almost at the beginning there was a cell being on its own until such a cell grew together with another one to support each other. It went on and on until they build bigger and bigger complexes up to the point they became a higher organism. They turned into one body yet they are single cells.

Let's take a look at such higher organisms, the humans for instance. We become friends, we work together, we fight together - it is almost like we became an even higher organism. Of course, there is no physical bond between us, however we are connected. No doubt on that.

Do you notice the recurring patterns? Let's take a further look.

Cells transport energy and nutrients to work for a higher purpose, we care for each other, show sympathy or have fun together but also use money or got a common threat to create bonds. My personal hope is that money and threats won't exist anymore in future.

My question, however, is whether we create a common consciousness by holding together. We experience trends in our society, it is like one opinion spreads and creates another bond in a certain group of people. And a part of this group also belongs to another circle and each group/circle got their own consciousness. They experience similar things, striving for the same or similar goals, having similar issues.

On an abstract level, I'd like to say that those groups/circles are beings on their own. At they same time an individual in a group got their own consciousness, own thoughts, emotions and fears - like a cell also has to keep itself alive while being in this gigantic body.

I guess the cell would not easily understand what it is part of.

And perhaps so do we not easily understand. I believe that each of us belongs to a higher being - maybe not only one but several beings. Our society has grown organic. We are part of something.

We all got almost the same level of knowledge, we share experiences and emotions. We have common goals and fears and beliefs.

Short, we are human.

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Nov 20