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...they are everywhere.

A system consist of patterns - so does nature, a living being, the universe, fire, time and space.

The patterns evolve as well and with each iteration they are getting more and more complex as a whole - but the current state, the smallest thing, is extremely simple at the same time.

And those patterns are all so similar in their essence. They grow into beautiful fractals. It can be simply amazing.

Watch a tree growing, a river flowing or relations in a family - similar patterns. The galaxies, a braincell, a city - similar patterns. All of them got this essence and are connected. They are iterations of theirselves.

Possibilities of Realities

I believe that patterns show easily how things are working. You can visualise so many things through them. For instance the possibilities we have every second. The image above is a very simple description. Imagine that every line is one possible reality and each line is forking millions of times. Every event that is happening is forging the path through time and space, however a finite number of other events could happen. That's why the paths are forking and forking and forking. The red circle is a certain period of time. It can be a moment or a day or even aeons. It depends on how you look at it. The purple line could represent your path of possibilities in your lifetime.

One could draw this image to infinity, it would become more and more complex and the visuals would end up in one of those colourful fractals. But at this state, it looks like veins or roots, doesn't it?

Patterns are definitely helpful for understanding things, because they can give you a grasp of objectivity. In the example above, you don't have to think about every possibility yet you know that they exist.

And then my girlfriend showed me to understand is to perceive patterns by Jason Silva. He pretty much sums up why patterns are so beautiful.

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Nov 18