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What if everything was green?

Well, first of all we would not call it green since we have no conception of colour. We can only say that this object is dark or bright. I wonder if we even could imagine another colour if we only have seen green.

Imagine this: there are two persons. One is colourblind, he can only perceive green, while the other sees all the colours we know. Both look at following image...

deer in a circle   deer in a circle seen by a colourblind

On the left, you can see the image of a yellow silhuette of a deer on a pink background. The yellow and the pink got the same brightness. On the right, this is what the picture would look like in an alternate reality - only green... and there's no deer at all.

No contrast, no perception. We need contrasts to perceive the world. Life cannot be easily understood without death, love not without hate, light would not exist without darkness, what is up if there's no down?

But contrasts don't necesarily need to be opposites. Between black and white, there are infinite shades of gray.

A square has no opposite or at least I cannot think of one. But we understand what a square is. How does it work? We can see such a basic shape because we perceive contrasts. Let's say the square is made of blue fabric and the background is white marble. We have got at least three contrasts: colour, brightness and texture (well texture is based on the two contrasts colour and brightness).

If the backgrund was made of the same blue fabric, it would get difficult to see the square. The same principle applies to many things in life. That's why we make life more and more complex. Like money and property suddenly created a contrast between poor and rich. There would neither be poor nor rich if there was no money.

But now we have discovered this contrast and it's really hard to forget.

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Nov 27