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What is personality? Who are you? Are you always the same person? The answer is yes and no.

At the moment, I feel like I am the one who I always have been - but getting older makes me realise, that I am indeed changing, it's called growing up. This is nothing new, many many keep telling it. But it does not take many years to become another person, in fact you are always different depending on the situation.

Right now, I am writing to you, showing myself as somebody who is mapping the universe. But I am also a son, a friend, a lover, a hater and and and...

I am acting differently to each person. And because I believe, that every person is very similar, objectively, I think I can relfect my behaviour on other people.

It is funny to say, that we are similar yet we believe that we are so much individual - but the fact, that we all have in common to be individual, makes us not so much individual anymore. That's why the idea of being Hipster does not work yet it's working. It's the idea of point of view.

You are allowed to tell me that I am wrong but if you could see it from my perspective, it would be true. And if one is able to do that, one discovered objectivity in subjectivity.

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Nov 24