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The Poetry of Cleaning

Who likes it? - washing the dishes, tidying up the room, mopping the floor. It can be a drag. But it does not have to be.

Recently, I discovered the beauty of cleaning up. Yes, sure! After cleaning something up it will look more beautiful. But the act itself can be wonderful as well.

Why do I think so?

The thing is, we like to have adventures. Little adventures, big adventures, short or long - it doesn't matter because in the end each adventure causes less or more dirt. But what is dirt in that matter? Dirt is everything, that is hindering us having the same adventures over and over again.

The adventure of eating is causing dirt on the table and the dishes. In order to have this adventure again, we have to clean the table and dishes. The adventure of having a party is causing much more dirt all over the place. You could leave the dirt there but this would cause a different experience.

We humans are either lazy or afraid of new things. That's why we prefer to clean up so we can enjoy the same things, because they are more convenient. Of course, there are people who are too lazy to even clean up their own flat, but what happens to them? Are they really happy? Do they have adventures? Yes and no, they simply shift their adventures either outside, to the internet, their fantasies or through using drugs. But I can also imagine some people, who really like their dirt. It's also a point of view. They do not see the dirt as dirt, because it is not hindering them from having adventures.

Everyone has to know by themselves what is important. I like to clean up because I believe, that the adventure will have more quality and freedom. But I also like to leave, bring or look for some dirt as well, because I want to experience some new adventures as well.


On the other hand, the act of cleaning is an adventure as well, it's simply the other way around. In this matter, the dirt would be the cleanliness.


I guess my mother wished that I had realise this earlier, haha!

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Nov 26