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The Truth and Reality

First of all, I am not going to tell you the pure truth. I believe that this is not possible.

However, I can tell you about my point of view on the truth and this is where it get's interesting. Today, I want to tell you about a way to at least frame the truth. But keep in mind that this is only part of the truth.

I always wondered why so many people are right yet so many are wrong. Why do people fight about things you cannot tell what they really are? A simple example is a piece of art. You can have so many interpretations of it but there's no point on debating who is right or wrong. If you can justify your point of view, you will be right. Of course, somebody else can say: "Ah no, but I see this and this which means this and that" - Yes! They can be right as well.

My conclusion is that both sides see parts of the true thing. It's very subjective. Each of us got different experiences and this is influencing their way of looking at it.

Think of a sculpture and let's take the point of view literally. Yesterday, I was seeing sculptures of babies in Prague. I only saw them from the back. I saw feet, the bottom, the back and the back of the head. But I could not see the front. This was my reality at this moment. Now, somebody claimed to see no face from the front! And here we go, I walked around to see the front as well to see what is there and indeed, there's no face! Instead they reminded me of a being from Silent Hill.

If we do not forget what we have seen from both sides, we just expanded our point of view.

© Kyle Jones    © David Cerny

Unfortunately it is not easy to 'walk' around abstract topics to expand the point of view. Often we are trapped and destined to look at things from only one persepctive. But it is possible to see and understand different point of views. I should not forget to mention that I include the possiblities of taking a closer or distant look as well as the use of instruments and filters (whatever they might be).

My question is, if we are able to see and understand all the point of views on the thing in itself, are we able to understand its true core? I think the sum of the numerous ways we can perceive can give us an idea. Yet, we cannot pierce it.

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Dec 02