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Like Allan Watts once said, our life is not about reaching the the end whatever it might be: success, wisdom, heaven, etc... It's about living life. Like dancing, playing or singing to a musical while the music was being played.

That's why, I believe that change is an important part of life. Because if there was no change, we have no music to dance, play or sing to.

Of course, often it is not easy to welcome changes because we got comfortable with the current situation. We either are afraid of what might awaits us or are too lazy to go fully along with it.

But it is definitely worth embracing change. Life isn't static, it's breathing. And that's why I am still breathing, because I want to experience as much as possible. I love change but I am also afraid of it but once I got thrown into the water, I swim although it is often very hard.

We need suffering to appreciate the good times even more.

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Dec 05